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Study Skills Workshop

This workshop is to help students improve study skills. The workshop is primarily aimed at middle and high school students, but advanced students in elementary grades may also benefit from it. Parents are encouraged to attend the workshop along with the students. The workshop consists of instruction, in-class drills, and homework. Students are required to bring a laptop computer to the class in order to work on the drills.

This workshop is a MUST for any student who wants to:

  • Improve grades
  • Align coursework and extracurricular activities with goals
  • Learn to read better and faster
  • Write powerful essays for college applications
  • Maximize effectiveness and efficiency in school and life!
LocationTimingsBatch Starting Dates
NorthvilleTuesdays or Fridays (based on batch starting date)
6 PM - 8 PM (instruction & drills)
Study Skills Workshop in
Northville/Livonia, MI

Workshop Duration: 4 Weeks

Course Fee: $99.90

Registration fees: $39.95 (only for new students)

Workshop Outline and Schedule (subject to variation):

Week 1: Goals and Priorities
  • Status check
  • Performance vs potential
  • Goals and aspirations
  • Setting priorities
  • Time management
  • Week 2: Listen & Read Better
  • Information gathering in classroom and beyond
  • Improving focus and attention
  • Effective note taking
  • Methods for researching new topics
  • Reading skills strategies
  • Week 3: Understand Better
  • Active reading
  • Concept Mapping & Mind Mapping
  • Organizing information
  • Vocabulary improvement
  • Week 4: Communicate Better
  • Writing skills for the Facebook generation
  • Test taking skills
  • Improving creativity
  • Grade improvement strategies
  • Benefits of AIM Academics Study Skills Workshop:

    • Highly qualified instructors.
    • Practical and effective methodologies.
    • Small groups and individual attention.
    • Unlimited practice of key concepts using an online concept mapping system (MyndBook)
    • Convenient batch starting dates in Northville/Livonia
    • For other policies, please see our policies and guidelines.